BEAMS was founded in 1976 with the goal of changing the culture and customs of Japan’s youth.

Today, fashion is no longer limited to what we wear but has come to encompass all aspects of daily life. The fashion business has ceased to merely purvey products but has become a mediator of information on goods, conveying how customers feel satisfied and comfortable. Through the years, BEAMS has been a mirror of its times. The range of products chosen through the BEAMS’ EYE are a clear expression of a vision at customers then select and purchase. This form of vision marketing presupposes a deep-seated trust in BEAMS, and this level of trust can only be built upon a history of making the right choices. Recently, customers who frequented BEAMS when it had just opened have begun patronizing the store along with their children. This trust that two generations of customer s now place in us, though trust is a vague and mercurial thing, makes us believe t hat our goal of becoming the favored store of a new generation has come some way toward fruition.

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