The Mall Group Co., Ltd. (the company) is the service provider of the ‘Platinum M Card. The company specifies the following as the benefits, terms and conditions of this card.
  • This card for the invitation only.
  • This card entitles you to special discounts (as specified by the company), as well as, to collect reward points when spending at any branch of The Mall, The Emporium and Paragon Department Store.
  • Please present this Platinum M Card to receive special discounts available when making payment, either by cash, or credit card
    • 5 – 10% discount on regular-price items in department store.
    • 5% discount on regular-price items in Gourmet Market, Home Fresh Mart and Power Mall.
  • Please present this Platinum M Card prior to making payment for products and services. Each reward point is presented to the cardholder for every 25 baht spent on regular-price or discount items in the department store, Home Fresh Mart and Gourmet market and for every 50 baht spent at Power Mall.
  • Please verify that your name on the receipt is correct every time you make a purchase. The company reserves the right to adjust reward points in case that you forget to inform the cashier of your M Platinum Card number or there is misinformation of your Platinum M Card number.
  • Reward points can be collected to redeem for the following prizes, within the period and conditions as specified by the company.
    • Cash Coupon to be used as a cash discount at any branch of The Mall, The Emporium and Paragon Depastment Store.
    • Discount coupons
    • Exclusive items for card members
    • Special-price items exclusive for card members
    • Ongoing, year-round promotional activities, exclusive for card members
  • Reward points are not transferable.
  • M Point is valid for 2 years from the year of purchase. The expired M Point will be discarded on December 31st of every year.
  • The company reserves the right to change or substitute any detail of benefits, terms and conditions specified here, as well as, to terminate any card membership, without prior notice. The company also will not be held liable for any mistake or misunderstanding caused by any printing error.