20 21 0601 - 20 21 1231

The newest addition to the Balenciaga sneaker family, the X-pander, takes bouncing soles to a different level. An athletic shoe, inspired by a classic runner style, is mounted on exposed, springy structures. The heels expand and collapse with each step, effecting an upbeat walking pattern for the wearer. Lightweight and durable, it consists of technical materials that form motion like patterns over a sleek lace-up. A 40mm arch pushes the appearance of an in-motion shoe, hovering over an innovative, momentum-propelling hinge. The sneaker has a pre-worn look and feel, achieved by a stone-washing process. It is decorated with several logos: B., X-pander, and Balenciaga, plus an embroidered shoe size on the back exterior. Discover more in-store now.